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Adsana > Learn About Us > Our Utility Token Ecosystem
After the completion of both the Pre-sale and the Main STO sale, Adsana will issue a utility token.


The applications and functionalities of the Adsana Utility Token ecosystem are described below using our Utility Token (SANA-UT).

Clients will be able to purchase a SANA-UT utility token online line or through our App in advance of needing treatment.  They can purchase the SANA-UT utility token with fiat cash, credit card, stable coins, Bitcoin or Ethereum. The SANA-UT utility token can be purchased for treatment in advance similar to a pre-paid credit. The core of our concept relies on the use of smart-contracts through Polymath and the Holochainto provide every SANA-UT token holder an open, immutable and efficient system in order to process the payments.

Features will include:

In-Clinic Treatment Payment

The SANA-UT utility token allows patients or dog owners to pre-pay or make payments for their treatment through our App from their internet or enabled smart device. Owners of SANA-UT utility token when using them for payment of the treatment will receive a 20% discount on the treatment cost which is expected to be $4,000 for the full treatment.  A 20% discount would be $3,200 for the full treatment.

Owners of SANA-UT utility token can gift the tokens or use them to pay for anyone else’s or dog’s treatment.

Payment Assurance Program

Through our Adsana App, a patient or dog owner will be able to pre-pay for the treatment through our Payment Assurance Program.  Once payment for services is made with our decentralized platform, with a SANA-UT utility token, it will be held securely for future payment.

Then when an appointment is made, the clinic will be able to verify the treatment has been paid in full.  Both the clinic and the owner of the SANA-UT utility token will have complete Payment Assurance the treatment will be performed and the payment will be made.

Adsana’s Payment Assurance Program takes aim at two of the toughest issues confronting the healthcare industry.  The first is the lack of real-time transparency into health claims transactions involving providers and payers; then there is the amount of time it takes for providers to get paid for their service.

An inherent characteristic of a blockchain is the immutability of transaction records. Startups here use digital ledger software to verify the authenticity of data, as well as assets or documents, and use blockchain identifiers to represent and/or authenticate tangible assets.

Partnership Business Opportunities

This is one of our main segment of expansion. We want to establishAdsana on the B2B payment market over the next several quarters. We will develop relationships with business in the pet industry so that gift cards to be used in-store and online can be purchased with our SANA-UT utility token.  This will also include being able with SANA-UT utility token to purchase airfare, lodging and car rentals for those needing to travel to a clinic.

Using Blockchain for Scientific Research

As part of Adsana’s continued clinical research, Adsana will store all the treatment records for further clinical research. 

Additionally, we will also collect the DNA of the dogs Adsana treats.  And will offer a DNA test for any dog even if not being treated for cancer. Both the treatment data and the DNA data collected, will be stored within Adsana’s decentralized platform.

In December 2004, the $30 million project funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) in the United States to sequence the entire dog genome was completed and the results made publicly available. The NHGRI made the decision to fund such an expensive undertaking because it recognized the dog as an unrivaled model organism with which to study the genetics of a wide range of inherited traits, including inherited disease, behavior, and morphology. Although the NHGRI’s motives for sequencing all the DNA in the dog were primarily human-centric, the findings that have emerged from the canine genome project, and that will continue to materialize for many years to come, have profound implications for both veterinary and human medical research.

DNA testing for dogs falls into two, potentially related categories – breed identification and identifying potential disease-causing mutations.

The data collected will have far-reaching results in treating, tracking and diagnosing of diseases in dogs, especially for canine cancer.

Earning SANA-UT tokens

Clients of Adsana will be able to earn SANA-UT utility tokens by spreading the word on social media, referring others, and participating in a video exit interview concerning their experience at an Adsana’s Canine Cancer Center.

Airdrops & Bounties

Airdrops, bounty campaigns, and gamified launch events are designed to motivate people and spread the news. These initiatives can help to garner a critical mass of people curious about the project, raise awareness for the token launch as well as gain early adopters and users of the ecosystem.


We are offering a 20% bonus in SANA tokens for the first 100 investors from the Bitcointalk forum. They will receive the SANA tokens within 24 hours, along with the purchased SANA tokens, once the purchase has been completed and confirmed.

Here is an example of how it would work.  If an International Investor under Reg S, purchases the minimum investment of $1,000 USD either in cash, credit card or equivalent in BTC or ETH, they would have purchased 10,000 SANA token and would then receive a bonus of 2000 SANA tokens (20% of 10,000 SANA tokens)

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