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Holochain provides the cryptographic fabric to maintain data integrity across unlimited nodes without requiring consensus. Holo is a link between Holochains advanced crypto technology and the world wide web. Holo and Holochain deliver on Satoshi Nakomoto, the creator of Bitcoins dream of making decentralized computing easy and real.     Data Integrity without consensus means:

  • Immediate and efficient processing,
  • No inefficient proof-of-work consensus (Aka. Bitcoin)
  • No proof-of-stake,
  • No energy wasted on mining
  • No bottlenecks or global delays due to hacking.

Holochain is so efficient that you can run over 50 full nodes on a cell phone or a $35 Raspberry Pi computer compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum and most other Blockchain platforms that require specialized high energy inefficient “mining” hardware. Programmers can utilize Holochain’s Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools to quickly build fully P2P web applications designed to operate on the scale of Twitter or Facebook with no centralized data centers or infrastructure. Holochain is best suited for people or entities who desire to:

  • Own and have full control over their data,
  • Have full control over their identity,
  • Have automatic backups,
  • Have the power to customize their user experience,
  • Decide how they connect their applications,
  • Decide if and with whom to share their private information.
  • And transact without being dependent on banks.
With Holo anyone can use their web browser and current payment systems to interact with decentralized crypto-apps and currencies, providing a bridge from Holochain’sfully peer-to-peer world of the future back to the centralized world of today.

By purchasing a Holo hosting device a person or entity can host their own apps and data as well as earn Holofuel (Cryptocurrency) in the process.  How? You can earn Holofuelfor sharing extra space and computing power to host the apps of others. In essence, you can become your own mini Amazon AWS provider, which is the primary source of Amazon´s income.    

Instead of wasting computational resources and energy on mining, HoloHostsget paid for providing hosting to mainstream users who want to just use their browser as they normally do instead of installing the Holochain“Blockchain”.  

“Most every Blockchain project has failed at providing an easy way for normal people to use their systems.”    

Holo is a pragmatic compromise — a bridge for people to transition toward greater and greater decentralization and autonomy. Holochain has already built a fully distributed platform in and with Holo they will expand it to the masses.

Overview of Holo Ecosystem

The Holo ecosystem relies on hosts that provide processing and storage for distributed applications while earning redeemable credits, Holofuel(Cryptocurrency).


Holo takes hosting of sophisticated social applications out of centralized data centers to the edges of the Internet where our devices live. It makes self-scaling infrastructure a reality through peer-to-peer architecture, which automatically performs load-balancing and load-sharing across thousands or even millions of peers.

Holo enables hosts to turn a consumer-grade mini-computer into a source of revenue, where they get paid for hosting distributed applications. Hosts choose what apps to serve, and set their own hosting prices and priorities.

Holo is where the crowd becomes the cloud.

Distributed Apps

Some of the most popular apps today are made in a way that already needs Holo. Using Holo would mean that Wikipedia wouldn’t have to keep doing fundraising, or social apps like Twitter wouldn’t have to struggle for a revenue model while pushing advertising to fund massive infrastructure. Imagine if the more popular an app became, the more hosting power it received from new users installing the app and sharing the load.

“Beyond the blocks and the chains”

What if developers could build distributed applications in familiar languages like JavaScript? What if they could use Rapid Application Development tools to orient themselves to the process, with ready tools for testing apps for scalability and vulnerabilities? These are some of the ways we’re making the road to a distributed internet easy while incentivizing thousands of hosts to support the process.


Hosts are paid in Holo’scrypto-credits, called Holofuel, which are efficiently designed to transact a high volume of micro-transactions. The value of hosting credits stays stabilized because they’re backed by a valuable modern asset: computing power. As more hosts come online and share computing power, the network becomes more valuable, giving the credits more purchasing power in relation to the service they are designed to support.

Holo fuel functions by enabling the long-proven standardized practice of double-entry accounting with layers of cryptographic assurance on top of it. Both parties in a transaction sign the transaction to each other’s account chains, and these transactions are validated by peers on a shared DHT (distributed hash table).

Holo provides a crypto-accounting infrastructure audited and notarized by the network of host nodes.


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