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Cancer Infusion Therapy

Spreading Hope in the Fight Against Cancer

Introducing Cancer Infusion Therapy: a revolutionary new cancer treatment designed to combat cancer in dogs, and developed from the same protocol being used to treat humans. The treatment that we are using for dogs is called Canine Infusion Therapy TM. It is based on Adsana’s own Chief Science Officer, Tom Tsang, Ph.D.,  treatment patented in Australia, China, and Japan.

In just one of the 26 hospital now treating human patients in China, 12,325 treatments have been given to patients with a 90% successful response rate

Our dog-focused treatments are priced $3K-$10K lower than conventional cancer therapies.

How It Works

While chemotherapy is broadly considered asone of the most effective approaches for cancer management, its greatest challenges, often leading to the failure of treatment, are multidrug proteins pumps (MDR) andthe existence of cancer stem cells.

Located on the surface of cancer stem cells — the only type of cancer cells that can metastasize – MDR’s are highly resistant to conventional chemo, acting as a kind of pump, siphoning out chemotherapy drugs from the cancer cell.

Through our treatment protocol, the MDRs can be disabled, allowing a very low dose (10%) of normal dose chemotherapy drugs to beused to penetrate the cancer stem cells and kill them.  Because we are able to use only 10%of the normal dose of chemotherapy, and because the cancer cells cannot pump out the chemo, it works without any of the normal side effects such as nausea, hair loss, and more.

According to our research, this small dosage of chemo drugs is more effective in killing cancer cells during thisshort window of time in which the MDRs are disabled.  Unlike other chemo therapy treatments our protocol is more effective and does not come with the resulting terriblesideeffectsincludinglosinghair,nauseaandmore.