Learn About US

Our Cancer Infusion Therapy

a revolutionary new cancer treatment designed to combat cancer in dogs, and developed from the same protocol being used to treat humans.

Our Utility Token Ecosystem

Adsana’s Utility Token (SANA-UT) will be for sale after the STO is final and complete. It is not an investment. It is a pre-paid credit token for various uses within the Adsana’s clinics, website and mobile apps

Our Holochain Platform

Holochain provides the cryptographic fabric to maintain data integrity across unlimited nodes without requiring consensus.

Financial Projections

Adsana’s clinics are brick and mortar building with a viable Revenue/Profit model

Our Ongoing Research

As part of Adsana’s continued clinical research, Adsana will store within our decentralized Holochain platform all the treatment records for further clinical research.