AdSana Security Token Offering

Adsana has developed an effective and affordable Cancer Infusion Therapy that has shown to kill cancer cells and cancer stem cells in dogs and in humans. The Adsana Team intends to establish Treatment Centers to deliver a new low cost, highly effective treatment for cancer.

The Adsana Project

Adsana is launching our SECURITY TOKEN OFFERING and introducing our SANA security token.

This is an opportunity to be involved with an effective and affordable Cancer Infusion Therapy that kills cancer cells and cancer stem cells.

An opportunity to be involved in one of the highest growth industries world wide.  As stated in Science Daily “estimate a 1 percent reduction in mortality from cancer has a value to Americans of nearly $500 billion. A cure for cancer would be worth about $50 trillion.”  

This is not a concept.  This is a real treatment being used now.  Become part of the cancer revolution.

Payment Assurance Program

Through our Adsana App, a patient or dog owner will be able to pre-pay for the treatment in what we are calling Payment Assurance.  Once payment for services is made, it will be held securely within our decentralized blockchain/holochain platform.  Both the clinic and the patient or dog owner have Payment Assurance the treatment will be performed and the payment will be made.

Network of Treatment Clinics

Our plan is to transition our Canine Infusion Therapy from a proven treatment for people to a repeatable proven treatment for canine cancer at our Canine Cancer Centers.  We will launch our Canine Cancer Centers first in the United States and then to Europe and Australia.

Projected treatment cost will be  18% to 25% less than typical chemotherapy drug treatments available now for treating cancer in dogs even though existing treatments have a poor prognosis after the treatment. 

Ongoing Scientific Research

As part of Adsana’s continued clinical research, Adsana will store the treatment records for further clinical research. Additionally, Adsana will collect the DNA of the dogs treated.  

Also, as part of the clinic’s services, Adsana will offer DNA collection for all dogs.  Data collected will be stored within Adsana’s decentralized platform.   This data collected will have far-reaching results in treating, tracking and diagnosing of diseases in dogs, especially cancer.

Our Cancer Infusion Therapy

 A revolutionary new cancer treatment designed to combat cancer will first be used, within the U.S., for dogs at our Canine Cancer Centers, and developed from the same protocol being used to treat humans.    

  • For dogs is called Canine Infusion Therapy TM.
  • Treatment patented in Australia, China and Japan.
  • Our dog-focused treatments are priced $3K-$10K lower than conventional cancer therapies.

How Our Cancer Treatment Works

While chemotherapy is broadly considered one of the most effective approaches for cancer management, its greatest challenges, often leading to the failure of treatment, are multidrug proteins pumps (MDR).

Located on the surface of cancer stem cells — the only type of cancer cells that can metastasize – MDR’s are highly resistant to conventional chemo, acting as a kind of pump, siphoning out chemotherapy drugs from the cancer cell.

Through our treatment protocol, the MDRs can be disabled, allowing a very low dose (10%) of normal dose chemotherapy drugs to be used to penetrate the cancer stem cells and kill them.

Why Dogs?

An estimated 6 million dogs will be diagnosed with cancer this year.  According to The Veterinary Cancer Society, cancer is the leading cause of death in 47% of dogs.

  • One out of every 4 dogs will get cancer. There are 87.9 million dogs just in the U.S.
  • With some breeds like Goldens, Boxers and German Shepherds, 75% of them will die of cancer.
  • Rates of cancer in dogs are epidemic. Millions of dog owners are desperate to save their dogs.
The present costs of cancer treatments in dogs is very expensive and the owners still lose their dogs to cancer.

According to the American Pet Products Associationspending on cancer is one of the reasons Americans spent $17.07 billion in vet care in 2017, more than double the $7.1 billion in 2001.

And although there is pet health insurance, research shows that most pet owners, do not have it and tend to pay out of pocket for the treatment costs. Desperate to save their dogs, most dog owners will travel anywhere and spend what is needed to save their dog.

More than 70 owners of dogs stricken with lymphoma spent between $16,000 and $25,000 at North Carolina State University on bone marrow transplants.  “They paid out-of-pocket,” said Dr. Steve Suter, the veterinary oncologist who did the procedures and noted that the cure rate was about 33 percent. “They just came up with the money. They used their savings, refinanced their houses.”


Offering up to $25,000,000 (in USD) 

Currencies accepted: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD.

EPH Distribution: Smart Contract via Polymath will mink tokens to each investor within 24 hours after their purchase has been completed.

During the Pre Sale, up to 100,000,000 (100M) SANA tokens will be available at a discounted price of $0.10 per SANA token. Pre Sale price will end once $10,000,000 USD’s have been raised.

During the Main STO Sale, up to 250,000,000 (250M) SANA tokens will be available at a fixed price of $0.20 per SANA token.

Any investor who invests over $100,000 USD is considered a” Major Investors.”They will receive an additional twenty percent (20%) discount to be added to the either the Pre-Sale or Main Sale SANA token price.

The SANA token, a security token, functions to raise money through a Security Token Offering under Regulation D and Regulation S of the US Securities Act of 1933. 

Regulation D (Reg D) will only be for U.S. residentand is a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulation governing private placement exemptions. Reg D allows companies to raise capital through the sale of equity or debt securities without having to register their securities with the SEC.

Regulation S (Reg S)will only be International residentsand provides an exclusion from the Section 5 registration requirements of the Securities Act of 1933, for offerings made outside the United States by both U.S. and foreign issuers. 

What is a STO?

Security Token Offering

Similar to an initial coin offering (ICO) an investor is issued with a crypto coin or token representing their investment. But unlike an ICO, a security token represents an investment contract into an underlying investment asset. In Adsana’s STO, we are tokenizing shares of stock in the company.

STOs are seen as lower risk than ICO’s because the securities laws that security tokens have to comply with, will often enforce transparency and accountability. A security token will also be backed by a real-world asset, which makes it a lot easier to assess whether or not the token is priced fairly in relation to the underlying asset.

Allocation of Adsana's Security Token

How the SANA token will be allocated after pre-sale and main sale
  • Pre STO
  • Pre STO Price$0.10
  • STO
  • Main STO Price$0.20 USD

Why Buy SANA Tokens

Represents digital tokenized equity in Adsana with the potential to improve asset liquidity. And can be used as a currency and tradable digital security token.

Adsana has a real Revenue/Profit Model within our “brick and mortar” treatment clinics.

Adsana will within the first 12 to 18 months begin paying out dividends to SANA token holders.

The Pre Sale is Open

The 50% pre-sale discount will continue until $10,000,000 USD is raised
Available Security Tokens for Sale
We accept USD, BTC, and ETH


Use of Proceeds from Pre-Sale


Use of Proceeds from Main STO


The Adsana utility tokens explained below is separate from the SANA security token being offered in our STO. The utility token will only be available for sale after the STO and sale of all SANA security tokens are final and complete. It is NOT a security token and its only function is to be used as a pre-payment token for the services outlined below.


Adsana’s Utility Token (SANA-UT) is NOT an investment.  

It is NOT a security token. 

There is an unlimited supply of SANA-UT tokens available.  

Cost of a SANA-UT token is $1.00 USD.  Can only be purchase on AdSana website and mobile app. And will not even be available to purchase until our website and mobile app are operational.

The sole purpose of the SANA-UT utility token is a pre-paid treatment credit for various uses within the Adsana’s clinics, website and mobile apps listed below:


The SANA-UT utility token allows patients to pre-pay within the Payment Assurance Program.  Owners of SANA-UT utility token when using them for payment of the treatment will receive a 20% discount on the treatment cost.

Payment Assurance Program

Through our Adsana App, a patient or dog owner will be able to pre-pay for the treatment through our Payment Assurance Program.  Once payment for services is made with our decentralized platform, with a SANA-UT utility token, it will be held securely for future payment. Then when an appointment is made, the clinic will be able to verify the treatment has been paid in full.  Both the clinic and the owner of the SANA-UT utility token will have complete Payment Assurance the treatment will be performed and the payment will be made.

Partnership Business Opportunities

Adsana will establish B2B payment market over the next several quarters. We will develop relationships with business in the pet industry so that gift cards, to be used in-store and online can be purchased with our SANA-UT utility token. This will also include being able with SANA-UT utility token to purchase airfare, lodging and car rentals for those needing to travel to a clinic.


As part of Adsana’s continued clinical research, Adsana will, with the permission of the owners, store the treatment records to be used for further clinical research.  We will also collect the DNA of the dogs Adsana treats.  And will offer DNA test for any dog even if not being treated for cancer. Both the treatment data and the DNA data collected, will be stored within Adsana’s decentralized platform. The data collected will have far-reaching results in treating, tracking and diagnosing of diseases in dogs, especially cancer.

Earning SANA-UT tokens

Clients of Adsana will be able to earn SANA-UT utility tokens by spreading the word on social media, referring others, and participating in clinic video exit interview concerning their experience at an Adsana’s Canine Cancer Center.

Airdrops and Bounties

Airdrops, bounty campaigns, and gamified launch events are designed to motivate people and spread the news. These initiatives can help to garner a critical mass of people curious about the project, raise awareness for the token launch as well as gain early adopters and users of the ecosystem.

For the implementation of our Payment Assurance Program, Data Storage and our Scientific Research, Adsana will run within our


Holochain provides the cryptographic fabric to maintain data integrity across unlimited nodes without requiring consensus. Holo is a link between Holochainsadvanced crypto technology and the world wide web. Holo and Holochain make decentralized computing easy and real.  


Using our online and mobile app gives our clients simplified and easy access to scheduling an appointment for treatment, using our Payment Assurance Program or accessing our Data Storage and Scientific Research.

Instant, on-demand scheduling

Connectivity across payments options

Real-time traceability Payment Assurance

Using SANA-UT tokens for third party purchases

“Kevin M. Murphy and Robert H. Topel, two University of Chicago researchers, estimate a 1 percent reduction in mortality from cancer has a value to Americans of nearly $500 billion. A cure for cancer would be worth about $50 trillion.”  Science Daily


Sources of revenue will include the following:

Treatment Clinics 
The projected FULL treatment cost will be $4000. This is around 18% to 25% of the typical chemotherapy drug treatment that are available now for treating cancer in dogs even though they have a poor prognosis after the treatment.  With a 50% cost factor, we believe the Net Profit on each FULL treatment will be $2000.

Strategic Partnerships
This will include pet store gift cards to be used in-store and online can be purchased with our SANA-UT utility token.  This will also include being able with SANA-UT utility token to purchase airfare, lodging and car rentals for those needing to travel to a Canine Cancer Center.

Payment network API 
Adsana will have a built-in propriety app for Internet and Mobile devices that will allow for the successful purchases using the SANA-UT token of online pet-related items the normally only accept fiat currency by seamlessly converting the SANA-UT token into the accepted fiat currency.

The AdSana Team


Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Nice, after finishing at Arizona State University, School of Business Administration, began working in the television and radio industry. As an entrepreneur, he spent the past 39 years running his own companies including a national talk radio network and sports network.

After losing his first Golden Retriever to cancer in 2006, Gary co-founded the National Canine Cancer Foundation with his wife and two others. As President and CEO, Gary helped establish the NCCF as one of the most well-known canine cancer nonprofits. And has for over the last 12 years spent his efforts seeking new treatments and cures for cancers.  Gary has established relationships with major pet companies, universities and research facilities across the U.S. and Canada.

In 2017, taking all his cancer experience, Gary joined forces with noted cancer researcher Dr. Tom Tsang to create Adsana.

LinkedIn – Gary D Nice


Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Hall earned his J.D. from New England School of Law and has been a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association since 1982. He spent the first 20 years of his career at large global companies including Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, and Novartis where he specialized in business improvement processes. Russ previously held a senior management position at the Pentair Technical Products division of Pentair, and in 2007 established Cooliance — realizing his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

LinkedIn – Russ Hall


Chief Science Officer

Dr. Tsang earned his PhD in Microbiology and Immunology and has 30+ years’ experience at the University of Arizona Cancer Center. His expertise spans Cancer Biology, Immunology and Genetics and has secured 5+ patents and published 30 research papers. Dr. Tsang developed a treatment that efficiently and effectively kills cancer cells, now patented in Australia, Japan, and China (where it is being used in 25 hospitals). Tom first treated his aunt for breast cancer in 2006. She is now living a normal life today.

Link to Research Projects

Curriculum Vitae


DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)

Dr. Beck is a veterinary medical oncologist primarily treating small animal patients, with occasional exotic pets and horses requiring her care as well. She also holds a Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine, which allows her to offer her patients complementary approaches to conventional cancer treatment.

She is currently undergoing certification in Animal Hospice and Palliative Care in order to provide the best end of life care for my patients. 

LinkedIn – Dr. Amanda Beck


Chief Technical Project Manager

Gregory is the creator of the WIRD Social Benefit Coin Airdrop Smart Contract, the Undiscovered Story “Earn and Learn” Cryptocurrency Game & the Social Benefit Blockchain Protocol Stack. He is a Blockchain Architect, Consultant, Certified Bitcoin Pro. Former Silicon Valley Co Unix & Linux Engineering Systems manager & Commodities + Options arbitrage and Broker (CBOT). 

He is a startup Co-Founder at WIRD PBC (Wild Idea Research and Development) a Public Benefit Company along with Hollywood Emmy award winner Noam Dromi, the executive producer of The 5 Powers Movie.  

LinkedIn – Greg Kennedy


Technical Holochain and AI Advisor

Data Scientist – AI Architect with expertise in natural language processing for knowledge discovery, and multi-attribute decision-making. Over the past 7 years, I have worked in academia, and with private business, building data pipelines from data collection, processing and analysis tools for automated ontology extraction, sentiment analysis and recommender systems for information retrieval.

Much of my current research focuses on combinatorial approaches to artificial intelligence with specific emphasis on recommender systems in multi-attribute decision-spaces.

Linkedin – Justin Smith



Technical Advisor

Colin Stewart is a distributed systems architect, currency designer, and engineer of future-proof business & corporate models.

After becoming fascinated by distributed technologies in 2013, he designed one of the first digital peer-to-peer exchanges.

Drawing from intergenerational and traditional ecological knowledge, Colin architects tools and operations that help organizations adopt peer-to-peer systems in order to supplant legacy structures. Currently, Colin advises companies involved in healthcare, retail, natural resources, and media, and is also the Director of Agricultural Technology for Producers Market.  

LinkedIn – Colin Stewart


Technical Advisor and Blockchain Architect

Uday Kumar Seethamsetty is Adroit & Certified IOT Blockchain Solution Architect with over 12+ years of experience including R&D Wing Setups & Developing Teams from scratch. He is a frequent Contributor, Speaker & Advisor on Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies. He leads the Team working on Decentralized Blockchain Projects in close collaboration with clients and helps meeting their expectations with providing better solutions and Best Practices. He is RPA certified and holds Good Contribution in Field of Robotics Process automation implementations.

He has served as SME (Subject Matter Expert) of Insurance and Banking Domain for Major Banks and Telecom Giants Including JP Morgan, Zurich, AIG, CIBC, AT&T, and HSBC. He was also awarded from Different Clients and Organizations Principals for his Dedication and Contribution.

LinkedIn – Uday Seethamsetty


Technical Advisor

Kiran Paturiis skilled in software and product development, combined with a talent for accomplishing large projects and devising unique solutions to interesting problems. Fascinated by, and drawn to, cutting edge technologies and methods to implement them.

His Passion for Blockchain has driven him from a Software Engineer to Passionate and Enthusiastic Contributor in THE field of Blockchain and New Technologies. His expertise lies in Producing Simple and Clear code for different Blockchains like Ethereum, Bitcoin , Hyperledger, R3-corda or Holochain which includes complex problems.

LinkedIn – Kiran Paturi


Technical Advisor

During his career, Lance has worked for Cisco, Nimble Storage, and Pivotal Labs and recently spent three years living in SE Asia where he designed Responsive web, Augmented reality and Blockchain applications in 7 different countries. Lance lives in Santa Rosa and enjoys long motorcycle rides with his wife and a good beer at The Russian River Brewery.

LinkedIn – Lance Weisser



Graphic Designer

Prakash graduated with a Bachelors in Commerce from Gujarat University. Having an interest in Graphic Design he completed Diploma in Graphic Design in 1996 from local training institute. Prakash joined NCCF/AdSana in 2014. Before joining to NCCF and AdSana he has been working as a freelance graphic designer. Over the years he has built up extensive experience in graphic design, working with us to develop branding and has designed countless graphics. His high standards, eye for design and detail, technical expertise and ability to communicate well with team to ensure quality design. His gracious approach delivers outstanding output.

LinkedIn – Prakash Patel

This website does not offer to sell Adsana security tokens or any other security.

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